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Broken heart, whom fear ..? (english version)

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Sumber : Cara Pasang Iklan Di Dalam Postingan Blog | Dodol Blog Copy Right @ 2011 All Rights Reserved Dodol Blog Broken hearts are not good, let alone to normal activity, to smiling as usual feels very reluctant. Decreased appetite, swollen eyes from crying all night, emotions increased significantly and are more severe, sometimes makes sense we become not the road. Not a few people attempted suicide because of reasons decided by the boyfriend.

Broken hearts are sick. But if the cry-cry and hunger strike will make us ex-boyfriend back to us? It may be so, but if we ex-boyfriend back to us, not because he still loves us, but out of compassion to us, or perhaps because of bad because it was so close to our family. If this happens, eventually even be more uncomfortable. He stands beside us, but his heart was hovering some where.

Someone who would fall in love, then he should also want the pain of a broken heart. Behind all the pain that arises from a broken heart, we are actually given the opportunity to become someone better, stronger and more rigid.

Better, because we never feel the pain of a broken heart, we will be more appreciative of people's feelings. Stronger and more rigid, because if it will happen next in a relationship similar things worse and we will not fall too deep, because the pain ever we feel will always remind us to be and always be better. And the most important thing from a broken heart is to will make us a more mature person.

Maybe it's not easy to forget our former girlfriend, because she is a former most beautiful we have ever had, so far most can understand us. If indeed you still love him, why not after breaking up with our boyfriend, we always stayed friends with him, who knows with time the former feel that we are someone who is too precious to be wasted. We deserve to be appreciated and loved. If this happens, it is not impossible if the old love blossomed again will approach you with great joy.

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