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Mobil Terbaik Amerika utara : Chevy Volt

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As expected, the output of electric cars GM, Chevy Volt achieve the highest title at the Detroit Auto Show. This car was chosen as best car in North America.
Chevy Volt is entitled to predicate 2010 North American Car of the Year after going through the assessment by 49 journalists from the U.S. and Canada in the 2010 American Auto Show North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Chevy Volt in 2011 earned a North American Car of the Year beat the Hyundai Sonata and other electric cars Nissan Leaf.

With the victory Volt means adds to the success of environmental friendly cars in the U.S. auto market. Because last year, the Ford Fusion hybrid car is pemenanganya.
“Cars Volt to bridge today’s cars still use liquid fuels and future car will use electricity,” said one juror was quoted as saying Lindsay Brooke official website of the North American Car of the Year, Wednesday (01/12/2011).
With this award, Volt add to his collection started from the “Car of the Year 2010″ issue of Motor Trend magazine’s 2011, and awards “Automobile of the Year 2010″ Automobile magazine’s 2011 edition.
As for Truck of the Year category, the other American car that the Ford Explorer to get these titles.

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