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Anti Malware for Computer Security

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Sumber : Cara Pasang Iklan Di Dalam Postingan Blog | Dodol Blog Copy Right @ 2011 All Rights Reserved Dodol Blog Malware is software that has intentionally created a malicious program, to infiltrate and damage a computer system. Malware comes from the words malicious and software. In fact, now along with the rapid advancement of Internet, Malware every time can threaten our computer. In other words, the spread of malware getting much done by people who are not responsible, either intentionally to destroy and steal data, or just for fun. To be sure, this can harm the computer owner.

Especially for computer users who connect to the internet network, the threat of malware higher than those not connected to the Internet network. Therefore, an attempt should be made to prevent our computers from being attacked by malware. What’s the solution? The solution is to use anti malware. As anti-virus is used to ward off evil virus attacks.

Then, software or Anti Malware any good to use? We can use the BitDefender Total Security 2011. As I see it on the site http://www.bitdefender.com/, BitDefender Total Security 2011 has the function of which is as follows:

* Stop viruses and spyware cold
* Keep your family safe
* Safeguard your privacy
* Boost your PCs performance
* Surf safely
* Block intruders
* Eliminate spam
* Uncover viruses in a flash!
* Learn from video tutorials
* Play and work seamlessly
* Choose your view

Anti Malware is a solution to secure our computer from malicious malware that can hurt. In fact, conventionally, we can avoid malware, using the computer carefully and not just clicking on suspicious links in various pages on the internet. But because current malware spreaders getting smarter by placing malware on a variety of places to hide, then to be secure and not worried, then use the Anti-Malware is an extremely necessary for us to do.

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