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Nano Hummingbird, Spy Robot Created by U.S. Department of Defense

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Nano Hummingbird, this is a surveillance (spy) robot created by the United States Department of Defense. Robot to be a spy is a robot that can fly. Nano Hummingbird has a shape similar to a hummingbird, complete with flapping wings during flight.

Nano Hummingbird, with shapes such as birds and small size, can maneuver more agile, even to break through a window or standing on an electric wire. More sophisticated, Nano Hummingbird can fly vertically, to the right, left, forward, and rewind. Nano Hummingbird can fly up to the speed of 17 kilometers per hour. As a robot that serves as a lookout, Nano Hummingbird equipped with a camera to record the surrounding atmosphere.

Nano Hummingbird Robot size small, which can be seen from the size of its wings are only 6.5 inches, or about 18 cm and weighs only 19 grams or lighter than a standard AA battery.

To create Nano Hummingbird, the U.S. Defense Institute has conducted research robot manufacturing over the past five years since 2006 and has spent over $ 4 million U.S. dollars. To make this reconnaissance robot, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is a defense research agency owned by the United States Defense Department in collaboration with Monrovia and AeroVironment Inc..

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