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Mental Disorders Due to Internet

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Sumber : Cara Pasang Iklan Di Dalam Postingan Blog | Dodol Blog Copy Right @ 2011 All Rights Reserved Dodol Blog The Internet has made many people “crazy”. There are people who love the internet more than the love of couples There are also people who would not sleep for the sake of chatting and browsing .There are children who prefer the internet instead of rice, from adults until the children meet stalls Internet, every day, because “madness” of the Internet.

Here it is a threat to the six mental disorders when we are online on the internet ..

1. Personality disorder in the form of emotion that explodes intermittently while online – a tantrum because the easily offended (Online Intermittent Explosive Disorder / OIED)

people who suffer from this disorder appear normal at first. A few days or hours before they could be doing talks funny or warm comments. But moments later turned angry and cursing caused something to offend him.

Why did it happen on the Internet?

* Most of us can only resist the desire to do so in the real world, which if done may be led to a fist to the face.

* On the Internet most users to hide his real identity, so they are free to blow off steam and anger without worrying about a bad reputation.

* Due to disclosure of feelings in the form of writing often looks flat and does not describe the emotions clearly, like the tone of voice, facial expression and body language when face to face, so people tend to use words that are sharp, rough and hard to represent a feelings.

2. Low tolerance towards defeat in the forum (Forum Low Frustration Tolerance / LFFT)

Described as someone who is looking for immediate satisfaction or avoidance of pain immediately. Initially similar to the behavior of the annual seven children who want a toy, and will shout with the stomping beat of his hands and feet-to immediately get what he wants.

For people who like to write and do a post, often feel that the posting was perfect. the author almost every time to check the entry of new comments given readers. If he gets full tilt comments criticism, then he will launch a quick answer that will break this response.

If there is nothing to comment, he would send his own commentary – perhaps by another name – to enliven his writing.

Why did it happen on the Internet?

Activities that make us impatient, wanting to immediately see the response by the other party. This impatience minimize tolerance against attacks that cause offense.

3. Munchausen on the Internet – a storyteller to evoke feelings of pity (Munchausen Syndrome)

a condition in which a person deliberately makes a lie, mimic, exacerbate a situation, or affect yourself for pain for the purpose of being treated like a sick person.

Why did it happen on the internet?

It’s easy to lie in real life, and ten times easier to do on the internet, because no one could check the truth of the facts

4. Personality disorders who are tempted to force someone else when online (Online obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder / OOCPD)

This type of personality disorder can be explained with an example would be madness grammar. When people find something wrong grammar or writing the wrong word from others in a post or comment, then he immediately attacked and violently protest.

Why such things can happen on the internet?

In fact, people with OCPD do not feel the fear that the world is more logical to fall apart, dirtier and more chaotic than that he should think; so quickly the situation became worse, and will experience the destruction until someone fix it.

On the Internet, after reading all the comments, a normal person would suffer the same fate. Grammatically incorrect, inappropriate choice of words, or slang is confusing, urging you to correct it. It is not difficult to feel the desire to train yourself to use the correct language

5. Cyber Low Self-Esteem (LCSE) or self-esteem is low (As someone who hated everyone, but no one was left)

In real life this is called demeaning themselves or attention seeking behavior.

If up to extreme levels, it can turn into Online Erotic Humiliation or online sexual harassment, where harassment into a real action. So when you tell someone to perform a sexual act, maybe he would consider it important, and he seriously going to do it.

Why did it happen on the Internet?

Attention seekers get what they want, and penghina yourself to get enough tension to actualize himself that intropet through signals sent via the keyboard.

6. Internet Asperger’s Syndrome

loss of all social rules and empathy in a person, caused for no reason other than just by chance dealing with an inanimate object; communicate via the keyboard and monitor at a time.

This syndrome is a subtle form of autism that looks a biological inability to show empathy for another human being, probably due to the inability to recognize nonverbal cues. They are constantly acting weird and disturbing because they did not know that you are disturbed. There is a part of their brain damaged.

(Some cases of suicide were recorded with a webcam – which some might fool around – and published on the Internet. For now we may not believe that it really happened, but really only a matter of time.)

Why did it happen on the Internet?

people who do all their online communication behavior of Asperger’s show because they wanted to give the impression there is similar loss to myself. In this case, when the ability to see the response and facial or nonverbal expression is lost, as well as empathy. So things that you tell only to people who do not exist, because it is just a bunch of words on the screen. A group of small words that are not meaningful.

Well, there is no prohibition to surf, but berinternetlah with healthy, take care of ourselves and our families to survive the negative side of the internet.

do not let ourselves be controlled by the Internet, but we have to control it, by knowing the limitations and act in fairness and not exceed the limits in the air Internet.

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