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Tips for Choosing your Perfect Laptop

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Laptop or desktop computer? Laptops have been growing in popularity, power and affordability. It’s now easier than ever to find a cheap laptop that will perform most tasks, though spending the same amount of money on a desktop PC or Mac will still get you more in terms of raw specification and power. This will usually only matter if you’re doing something like video editing or playing the latest games. Choosing a laptop gives you the freedom to use your computer on the move or around the home rather than find yourself chained to one room. It also means you can take advantage of wireless networking to surf the net using broadband without being connected to a phone socket. This buyers’ guide has advice on what to look for and how much to spend, explains laptop jargon, and gives practical tips.
What type of laptop or netbook should I choose?

The best laptop for you will depend entirely on what you plan to use it for. You might need your computer to be more portable, for example, or you might simply prefer something that can be easily folded up and put away to save space when it’s not in use.

Before you buy, you need to carefully consider which type of laptop would suit you best, weighing up things such as portability against power and price. Size and weight vary considerably, with a small, portable netbook averaging around 1kg, and larger widescreen laptops weighing in at around 3kg.
Entry-level laptops

Entry-level systems are a cheap, basic option, best for those who just use their laptop for straightforward office tasks such as spreadsheets, email and internet use.
Desktop replacement laptops

Desktop replacements are much more powerful computers that are comparable to desktop systems in terms of power and features, but in a portable format.

This type of computer is best suited to those who want to edit photos or video and play games, as well as perform office tasks. Desktop replacements tend to be a lot heavier than other laptops, however.
Ultra portable laptops

Ultra-portable laptops make size and weight the priority, shrinking things right down so they’re much easier to carry, but often at the cost of power, speed and features.
Mini laptops or netbooks

Netbooks are much smaller than standard laptops. Costing a few hundred pounds, they’re very light and compact and – while specifications are low, and screens and keyboards very small – they’re perfectly adequate for general tasks and internet surfing.

They generally use Intel Atom, Celeron, or Via processors, which are less powerful than the chips used in larger laptops, but are cheaper and more energy efficient.

You may find the operating system installed on a netbook different from the one you’re used to. While some come with Windows XP installed, and most offer Windows 7 Starter Edition – a cut-down version of Microsoft’s latest operating system – several versions use the free Linux operating system.

Don’t expect to find built-in CD and DVD drives in these machines. You’ll get wireless connectivity, though, so you can connect them to a wireless network to transfer your data. Some netbooks use standard hard drives, while others use solid-state storage.

Ideally, look for a netbook with a high-capacity battery. These should last you most of the day without needing a charge.
I’m on a limited budget. Which laptop parts should I spend more money on?

If you’re on a tight budget, but want to spend a bit more making sure that you get the best performing laptop you can, aim to spend as much as you can afford on increasing the laptop’s memory (Ram).

A decent processor is also a good idea, but you don’t need to go overboard getting the best chip on the market. Some manufacturers may offer special deals when, for example, they offer double the Ram for the same price.


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